Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend in Puerto Rico for #PuertoDRO

This past weekend, Nick and I headed down to El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico for Chris and Jeannie's wedding (#PuertoDRO). Tropical Storm/Hurricane Danny was brewing out at sea and we (well mostly me) were unsure of what the weather would be like and if flights would be affected at all. Luckily, from the beginning, it was forecasted to take affect a few days after the wedding. It also dissipated before turning into anything ominous. But it did make for a great conversation starter and an excuse to drink hurricanes!

Nick and I arrived on Thursday evening. Some friends arrived earlier so we were able to join the festivities at Bella Vista, the pool restaurant.

Friday, Nick and Brian went out golfing early in the morning. Liz and I had an easy morning (I even made it to the gym - high five!) and then went out to Palomino Island, which is a part of the El Conquistador Resort we were staying at. The day of was low key and relaxing. Ran into a bunch of our friends on the island. Nick and Brian met us there after their golf round. Nick, Peter, and Chris even did a little open water swimming to another small island. That evening, we had dinner with the Voeklers and LaCrosses' at Bella Vista and then met up with the rest of the crew for drinks at Chop.

Saturday started with a wonderful ladies massage/spa day coordinated by Jeannie's matron of honor (and Chris's sister) Danielle. The Delt WAGS got massages and then chatted over wine and cheese for an hour to start our morning/afternoon. Thank you Jeannie and Danielle for organizing! It was a great way to spend some time with the bride before wedding madness began.

The ceremony started at 4 in the Garden overlooking the ocean and the night ended with a midnight pool (and pizza) party. Congratulations Chris and Jeannie!