Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend in Puerto Rico for #PuertoDRO

This past weekend, Nick and I headed down to El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico for Chris and Jeannie's wedding (#PuertoDRO). Tropical Storm/Hurricane Danny was brewing out at sea and we (well mostly me) were unsure of what the weather would be like and if flights would be affected at all. Luckily, from the beginning, it was forecasted to take affect a few days after the wedding. It also dissipated before turning into anything ominous. But it did make for a great conversation starter and an excuse to drink hurricanes!

Nick and I arrived on Thursday evening. Some friends arrived earlier so we were able to join the festivities at Bella Vista, the pool restaurant.

Friday, Nick and Brian went out golfing early in the morning. Liz and I had an easy morning (I even made it to the gym - high five!) and then went out to Palomino Island, which is a part of the El Conquistador Resort we were staying at. The day of was low key and relaxing. Ran into a bunch of our friends on the island. Nick and Brian met us there after their golf round. Nick, Peter, and Chris even did a little open water swimming to another small island. That evening, we had dinner with the Voeklers and LaCrosses' at Bella Vista and then met up with the rest of the crew for drinks at Chop.

Saturday started with a wonderful ladies massage/spa day coordinated by Jeannie's matron of honor (and Chris's sister) Danielle. The Delt WAGS got massages and then chatted over wine and cheese for an hour to start our morning/afternoon. Thank you Jeannie and Danielle for organizing! It was a great way to spend some time with the bride before wedding madness began.

The ceremony started at 4 in the Garden overlooking the ocean and the night ended with a midnight pool (and pizza) party. Congratulations Chris and Jeannie!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wedding Mania Weekend

Let me tell you a little secret: I LOVE WEDDINGS! I love everything about them (well, except for when it came to planning my own. But that is a whole different story for another time). As a guest, weddings are the best! Celebrating love and commitment, meeting friends' family and friends from different parts of their life, seeing old friends, eating cake, dancing all night... I mean, what isn't there to love about weddings? Also, knowing how much it meant to me and Nick to have our family and friends come to our wedding and celebrate with us, we make an effort to go to as many of our friends' weddings that we can. Even if it means multiple weddings in a weekend.... in different states.  

I wish I had been better at blogging so that I could have a record of all the weddings Nick and I had been fortunate enough to attend. Better to start now than never, right?

This past weekend, Nick and I went to Perryn and Brendan's wedding in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday and Bob & Susie's wedding in Audubon, Pennsylvania on Sunday. We had such a good time at both weddings and I'm excited that I can relive them in this post. 

*Warning: This will be very picture heavy*

Friday, June 12
After work, Nick and I flew from LGA to Birmingham. There was a mechanical issue on the plane so our 8:45pm departure turned into a 10:30pm departure. We landed a little before 1:00am and got into our hotel, The Yellowhammer Inn, at about 2:30am. 

Saturday, June 13: Perryn & Brendan's Wedding Day
It was my first time really in the "Deep South" (Florida doesn't count, right?). Nick and I were really excited for some Southern food so we ventured out to find some good Southern food. We stumbled upon Another Broken Egg Cafe (thanks Yelp!) and feasted on Shrimp & Grits, Biscuits & Gravy and Fried Green Tomatoes. YUM!

The wedding started at 4:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa.

Doesn't Perryn make such a beautiful bride?! Brendan, you didn't look too bad yourself. The service was very intimate as it was their friend Aaron, who is a pastor, that was their officiant. Since he knew them personally, he was able to incorporate little things about them as individuals and as a couple into his homily. 

The reception was at The Historic L & N Station. There were so many cute personal touches. My favorite was that Perryn and Brendan shipped cookies from Levain Bakery and their favorite ice cream flavors from Ample Hills.  It was so delicious and I'm glad that the South got to taste some of the bride's favorite desserts from NYC. Nick and I were excited that we got to catch up with Kyo and Tim. Even though they live in NYC, they moved to Brooklyn recently and between Nick's BSchool schedule and Tim's test schedule, it has been hard to find time for the four of us to get together. It only took a trip to Tuscaloosa to make it happen :) 

Sunday, June 14: Bob & Susie's Wedding Day
Even though we would have loved to spend more time in Tuscaloosa, we had a 6:30am flight to catch back to LGA. We got home, changed, had a quick lunch, and then drove to Audubon, PA. 

The ceremony began at 4:00 at John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. They started serving cocktails at 3:15 which was a nice and refreshing treat. 

Bob was in the same fraternity as Nick in college so there were a lot of his college friends in attendance. Since many of them are spread out over Boston, NYC, and Chicago, we don't get to see them as much as we would like. I've become close to many of their wives so not sure if it was more of a reunion for me or for Nick.

Delts wives! These ladies are some of my favorite people

The Chicago crew!

Big Bro & Little Bro

We miss these two SO MUCH!

Table 3 with the bride and groom

Delts + Susie

We had such a great weekend celebrating two amazing couples. I wish every weekend could be this much fun.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ringing in 2015

I know... I know... We are almost a month into 2015 but I figured better late than never. Especially since it gives me a moment to relive such a fun weekend. And since I am currently "snowed in" because of the Snowpocalypse that never was.

Nick and I drove up from NYC to Stowe, VT after work on Wednesday, Dec 31st with a couple of friends. We (along with 13 of our friends) rented this Stowe cabin for a few days. We made it just in time to ring in the new year.

After staying up way too late, we started off 2015 taking it easy. The girls made spa appointments at the Spa at Snowflake Inn while the boys (minus Nick, who had to drive back to NYC due to work the next day) stayed at the cabin working on puzzles. It was my second time at the Spa at Snowflake Inn and it was as good as I remembered. They have a pool area that has a hot water pool and a waterfall pool. There is also an outside jacuzzi but I never made it out there because it is not conveniently located near the spa area. I got a deep tissue massage and it was one of the best messages I have had. The  reviews of the aromatherapy massage and the well-being massage were equally positive. 

On Friday, most of the group decided to go skiing. Since I was planning on skiing with Nick the next day, I decided to hang back and hang out with Jenn and Sam. We spent most of the afternoon at Black Cap Coffee. That evening, a fierce game of Settlers of Catan ensued.

Our last full day of skiing, Nick and I skied with Brian and Liz (and Alvin, Rebecca and Ruby) while the other half went snow shoeing and Ben and Jerry factory touring. 

It was such a fun weekend with some of my favorite people. Hoping to make this a tradition for many years to come!