Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend started off with a BANG. My work sponsored a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 pre-screening on Thursday, July 14th for our clients. Dumbledore was able to join our event. We had to fly him from Florida. He is apparently the nation's #1 Dumbledore impresonator. Immemediately afterwards, I hussled over to the AMC near Lincoln Center to watch the movie AGAIN. This time with these lovely ladies.

It really is the end of an era... I have seen multiple HP midnight opening night showing with these ladies (we missed you Maggie!) and it is sad to think that this could be our last. I did realize while recovering on Friday (and Saturday and parts of Sunday) that my body is not as good with midnight showings as it was 2 years ago.

Friday after work was my group's annual summer party at my boss's house. Nick was able to join me for a quick drink before we met up with our friend Angie and Jon at The Beach House Cafe for dinner and a long overdue catch up.

Saturday, Nick took me to Block Island as a birthday treat because I always complain to him that he never takes me to the beach. We caught the 9:30am ferry from Point Judith and returned on the 8:00pm. It was a wonderful day of laying out, reading, napping, and eating.

On Sunday, Maggie, Perryn, Deb, and Kyo treated me to a delicious dinner at Tia Pol. They even gifted me nailpolish, coffee mug, and book on how to say dirty phrases in Chinese (I'm sure it will be very helpful when I am in Hong Kong next month). Thanks ladies for dinner, gifts, and great company!!

Monday was the actual day that I turned 25 for the third time. There was a happy hour that a former colleague arranged with all my favorite coworkers from my previous job and then Nick took me for a delicious dinner at Aquagrill where I stuffed my face with oysters. Highly recommend this place. Delicious food for a "reasonable" price.

It was a wonderful few days of birthday celebrations. Thanks to everyone for making it so special.

Oh and finally, want to share a special something that Nick got me.

Now this will motivate me to take lots of pictures and update this blog more often.

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