Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Burgers!!!

Thursday night we met up with Saagar and Meghan at Burger and Barrel.  This was a classy take on a burger restaurant.  Besides the burgers they have a list of fancy appetizers and several entree options other than burgers.  We all got burgers, when in Rome I suppose.  On this evening they had some awesome sliders made from bison meat as a special that we ordered along with a tuna tartar for starters.  Both were delicious.  Kova got the mash, I ordered peublo style which had cheese and chili peppers on top.  Mine was tasty, a nice blend of flavors and spice.  Their burger meat is terrific.  Kova's was a little over the top.  Bash style comes with carmelized onions, bacon jam, pickles and American cheese.   The pickles were relish.  The knock on this delicious sounding burger is that the flavors of the toppings just sort of blend together and become indistinct.  Both burgers were a bit on the oily side.  One really neat part of the spot is their long wine list.  If wine and burgers is your style this is definitely your burger joint.  They have 4 wines 'on tap' at the bar and an extensive list of bottles.  Although a neat experience and a tasty burger our favorite in the city is still Royale.  Cheers!!!