Saturday, February 26, 2011


Royale is the biggest knock that I have on Zaitzeff.  Located on avenue c between 9th and 10th it is around the corner and in my opinion just as good at half the price.  Many people know Corner Bistro the overly popular Jane St. burger joint that often gets rated 'New York City's Best Burger'.  I think that trying to establish the best burger in NYC is somewhat ridiculous and a waste of time, however, both Corner Bistro and Royale have terrific burgers.  The big reason that I prefer Royale is that nobody knows about it.  There are very few burger articles where it even gets mentioned.  This means that you can always get a seat and a drink, as opposed to Corner Bistro which will have a line out the door and make you feel like you're in Times Square or some other tourist trap.  The menu at Royale is pretty simple.  You can get a Royale ($6.50) or a Royale ($7.50) with cheese.  Onion rings or fries are available but ordered separately.  It is the classic no frills burger bar, with a couple tv's that will allow you to watch the game of the day.  The bun is perfect for the burger as it absorbs the juices without becoming soggy.  Two thumbs up for this diamond in the rough.

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