Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy week!

There is something truly wonderful about a sleeping Saturday.  This is especially true after an absolutely crazy week.  My boss was on vacation leaving me to run our crude oil trading book while the middle east was imploding causing enormous price movements in crude oil.  The busy week caused me to come up a little short on training goals.  I was able to get a 6 mile run in and currently am letting breakfast digest before running 12.  This will be my longest run of the year to date which is very exciting.  It's 33 degrees and sunny so that weather will be great for running.  I'll probably use the long sleeve shirt, but go with just shorts on the legs.  Below 30 degrees, especially at night I'll put on thermal pants to keep my legs warm.  I'm zeroing in on trying to run the Bershires marathon in Lenox, MA Memorial Day Weekend.  It is just about 3 months from now which gives me lots of time to get in marathon condition.  I have two key parts to my training this season, besides miles.  The first key is incorporating hydration.  My conclusion after two marathons is that my lack of hydration on both of them has caused my body to hit the wall and cramp at the 20 mile point about 3 hours into the race.  I have avoided this in triathlons because they are shorter than 3 hours and I am able to hydrate on the bike.  I think the key to being able to finish the marathon strong will be keeping a strong level of hydration during the first half of the race.  The second key to my training is interval running.  This is more targeted at dropping my time in the triathlon and other short distance runs, but I think it will prove beneficial for the marathon as well.  When I embark on a race I normally don't have 1 firm goal, I generally have a group of times that are important, this means that at the end of the race I will generally have at least something to be happy about, while always having something more to work towards.  The times I have in my head are 3:28, 3:54, 4:00 and 4:30.  3:28 is eight minute miles which is my current reasonable goal, I have been able to run half marathons that pace me for that time and I hope with the increased hydration that I can do that soon.  3:54 is my friend Dean's best time and the best marathon time on my hockey team, naturally I would like to have a faster time.  4:00 is a huge benchmark, I feel that to be a respectable marathon runner you need to be able to run a sub 4:00 because that means you're averaging slightly over 9 minute miles and that you're pretty much running the whole thing.  4:30 is my best marathon time to date and since my goal is always to do better than before, this is the goal that I think is easily attainable.  One more element of my training this year will be cross training because two weeks after the marathon I will be doing a 148 mile bike ride from Boston to Vermont.  I have great confidence in my ability to ride so I will be light on the training for this in order to put more focus into the marathon, however somewhere between mid-March and mid-April I plan on adding one bike ride a week and it seems likely that extended Friday or Saturday workouts will have to alternate between biking and running.   Well, if you have managed to read this far I appreciate it.  I realize that was a lot of rambling jibber-jabber, now for the rest of the weekly recap. 
Wednesday night Kova and I ate at Zaitzeff and had a blt, Kobe burger and mixed green salad.  Thursday night we ate at Royale and grabbed a beer at Zum Schneider.  Last night was spring roll night.  I'm going to type up some quick entries on those now so that you can read them without suffering through the training report.


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