Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Back!!! 4 continents in 24 hours!

Our trip to Egypt was amazing! We will have lots of blogging to do about it over the next couple weeks.  We've got lots of advice for any would-be Egypt travelers.  For tonight's installment we'll give a short timetable of the home leg of our trip.  This is pretty much the one bad story we have, but it's pretty incredible when it's written all down.  So hope you enjoy this itinerary!

 Local times listend with NYC's in parenthesis

3:00 PM EET (8AM NY Sunday) - Leave Ritz Carlton Sharm-El Sheikh, Egypt (Asia)
3:45 PM EET (8:45AM NY) - Checked in at airport for 5:05 flight

It's been hard to miss the weather issues across northern Europe and the US that have caused travel issues.  I gave myself multiple pats on the back for booking direct flights from NYC to Cairo, since as I put it "there is no snow in Cairo."  However, there is sand and lots of it.  When it is windy the result is a sandstorm which is capable of shutting airports down and delayed our flight from Sharm.

9:30 PM EET (2:30PM NY) - take of from Sharm-El Sheikh, Egypt (Asia)
10:30 PM EET (3:30PM NY) - land in Cairo, Egypt (Africa)

At this point we had to get our bags out of luggage check, change terminals and recheck the bags for a 11:25PM flight to New York.  This did not happen.

11:25PM EET (4:25PM NY) arrive at Delta counter for flight, get rebooked on 4:10AM KLM flight

4:10AM EET (9:10PM NY) depart Cairo, Egypt (Africa)
8:15AM CET (2:15AM NY Monday) Arrive Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe)
2:15PM CET (8:15AM NY) Depart Amsterday, Netherlands (Europe)
4:00PM EST (4:00PM NY) Arrive New York, New York, USA (North America)
6:00PM EST Make it home to apartment, all told 34 hours in transit hope we don't have to do that again for a while.

Now for a much needed night sleep!
Best wishes!

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