Monday, November 1, 2010

Apples! Apples! Apples!

A few weeks ago, Nick and I tagged along with Brian when he went to Lehigh in Bethleham, PA to visit his girlfriend Liz. Liz and her roommates graciously hosted us on Friday night and gave us a tour of the Lehigh night scene. On Saturday, the four of us went to Strawberry Acres to go apple picking!

We had a blast! And somehow we ended up with close to 70 lbs of apples... 50 of which ended up in Nick's kitchen. Let Iron Chef with apples begin!! Apologies for the lack of pictures of the apple mountain and recipes. I need to get better about taking pictures. My friends have generously shared their favorite apple recipes. So far, we have made 2 apple pies, baked apples, frosted apple bars, and 2 apple cinnamon cake (thanks Maggie!). This week, we will attempt apple sauce and apple butter. After this month, I will not be able to eat apples until next year!

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