Sunday, August 1, 2010

Workout plan for the week and basic triathlon training thoughts

Working out has become a passion of mine.  I love the increase in energy I feel on days when I work out and the better sleep I get at night.  I also enjoy using the time to think about and organize my life.  Here is the plan for this week:

Monday - Morning swim, Afternoon 6 mile run
Tuesday - Morning swim, Afternoon bike ride probably 25 miles
Wednesday - REST!!!!
Thursday - Morning swim, Afternoon run of some length, probably six, although depending on the weather and my energy level, I'd like to push it to 9 miles because I can get a good hill climb in
Friday - Morning swim, Afternoon brick of bike and run, probably 20 and 6
Saturday/Sunday, shooting for a long ride, still working out the weekend plans with my boss and coach :-)

You might be asking what a brick is.  It is a multi-discipline workout with no break in between.  The idea is to simulate a triathlon where you are going to do 3 events back to back to back.  In my opinion this is the most important type of workout to prepare for a tri, because it really works on muscle transition.  It is also the most brutal workout, so if you're just thinking of casually getting into shape stay clear of it because I am completely drained at the end. 

This is going to be a pretty standard plan for the week, I am trying to maintain good balance between the 3 events, I might start adding more swimming because that is my weakest event.  During these workouts I will be doing different activities, Tuesday's bike, for instance, I'm planning on doing interval training through central park.  I'll probably do 5 minutes max power, 5 minutes power off for 50 minutes.  Intervals are an excellent way to increase speed because you are working at a power output above your lactic acid threshold for a short period of time and then going back below it.  The drill also works on recovery which is useful in case you hit the wall in a race.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good about my condition, my speed is where it was last year, my endurance still needs some work.  My leg strength is good, but I think it can get better.  I would say that I am at about 75% fitness, I'm hoping to push it to 85% in the next 3 weeks so I can get up Mount Washington, then I will try to max out for the tri. 

I try to take a practical, realistic approach to working out.  I love giving others advice and help setting their fitness goals, feel free to ask for advice no matter what your level of fitness.


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