Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mid-August Exercise Update

Two more weeks of training down, just over one month until the triathlon.  Several big accomplishments in the last week.  Kova got me a new wet-suit, which is awesome!!!!  Thanks Kova!!!  I finally biked Bear Mountain yesterday, thanks Driver and Voke for coming out with me.  Now to share a bunch of little thoughts.

Notes on bicycle hill climbing.  So a lot of people make a key mistake climbing hills, they go out too hard on the start of the climb.  People will try to power over hills and all that ends up happening is they burn their legs.  What the goal should be when climbing hills is maintaining the same power output from the flat ground, throughout the climb.  When you reach the top of the climb keep the power going and reach top speed sooner on the way down.  Let people go by you going up hill and maintain your pace and catch and pass them on the way down.  Your legs will be fresher for the next climb.  I was riding through central park last week and on numerous occasions saw people go by me on the way up hills only to pass them on the way down and never see them again.

Kova got me a new wet-suit which I used last week in the pool.  Wow! it is fast!!!  I'm sure you have read as much as I have about the legality of certain materials for olympic swim suits, now I understand why.  The wet suit is made from neoprene, which is illegal to use in the olympics.  The suit is also buoyant which helps further reduce drag.  It seems to be cutting my times down by 20%, I would say these are a must for anyone who wants to do multiple triathlons.  It is definitely something you want to test a few times because it changes the way you are buoyant and it is a different sensation swimming with the suit on.  For me it tired my arms out, so I think a little more practice could produce further significant speed increases.

Yesterday I rode up to Bear Mountain Park in Stony Point, New York.  I did the hill climb there which is truly a fierce one.  It measured on google maps to 4.7 miles.  It's a pretty consistent grade and pretty doable for riders of all levels, it's just very, very hard.  There is a significant climb on Route 9W, so if you're unsure if you can do it, see how your legs feel after that climb.  That climb is a similar grade for around 1 mile, so if that feels good go for it.  There are great vistas near the top, it is truly worth the effort.  You can easily hop across the Bear Mountain Bridge and grab the train back to NYC to save your tired legs!!!

Training plan for this week:

Monday: 2/3 mile AM swim, 44 mile bike, 9 mile run brick - doing this on Monday because traveling Friday
Tuesday:2/3 mile AM swim, 2 mile PM swim
Wednesday: 2/3 mile AM swim, 40 mile PM bike
Thursday: 2/3 mile AM swim 6-9 mile PM run
Friday: Traveling to NH for Saturday
Saturday: Mount Washington Auto Road Bike Race!!!! Should be fun, hopefully report next weekend
Sunday: Open water swim with Voke and co.

Hope everyone keeps enjoying the summer!!! Have fun out there!!!

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