Sunday, May 16, 2010



We finally started this. We've talked about blogging for a long time so we can mention our favorite, recipes, restaurants, movies, and things to do in New York. Today was kind of the ultimate inspiration to begin. We purchased a crock pot, we saw a sequel to one of our favorite flicks, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, and now we are watching Julia and Julia which is a movie about blogging and cooking. To be fair to us, our blog is not inspired by this movie, we talked about it long before seeing the movie. But it would be fair to say the movie inspired us to start the blog.

About us:

Nick is a former engineer turned trader from MIT. He cooks frequently and enjoys being adventurous with both cooking and eating. A workout enthusiast, he attempts to cook and eat healthy food. He tries to avoid the cheap tricks of lots of butter, oil or salt in his cooking. He enjoys all sorts of food but his favorites would be fresh vegetables. He was a history minor, and loves classic movies. He is unimpressed by special effects, but does appreciate watching a movie that's thoughtless to pass the time. Hopefully Kova does more of the writing because Nick can be dry and longwinded, and is admittedly a pretty big dork.

Kova is... pretty much the complete opposite of Nick. For every vegetable Nick eats, she probably eats 2 desserts. And for every mile he runs, she watches an hour of TV. But she enjoys cooking and eating as much as him. She is excited to share some of the meals they make, restaurants they go to, and random thoughts and musing. As she also enjoys reading, shopping for make-up products, and sleeping, there will probably be mentions of these things as well. Enjoy!

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