Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Perfect Saturday

Today includes:

Farmers' Market in Union Square
Iron Man 2
Sushi of Gari
Julia and Julia

We went to the farmers' market in Union square today to investigate getting some apartment plants and vegetable plants for the roofdeck. It was a tremendous success. We walked away with a spicy chorizo sausage made from grass fed organic cattle. Kova tried a piece and was very impressed. It looks like we will be able to get some vegetable plants there for a few dollars each next weekend, but in the meantime I'll be designing and constructing the pots that will hold them on the roof. According to one of the ladies it takes 5 gallons of soil to handle a tomato plant, so all plans will be based off this. More to come on this project.

We also got a crock pot, this will contribute to this blog frequently. We got a 6 quart pot at bed bath and beyond, it cost 50 dollars.

We saw Iron Man 2. Iron Man is a favorite of Kova's, particularly, and I like it too. The movie was alright in our opinion. We felt it was a typical sequel, the plot was sort of scatter brained and unclear. It was a fun and entertaining movie, but definitely nothing to write home about. Kova says Robert Downey Jr. is very sexy, I think he was solid in the movie, but like I said, it lacked cohesion.

Sushi of Gari rocked. Kova took me as a late (yes very late) Christmas present. It is the 4th time I have eaten at one of his restaurants and Kova's third. We love the combinations he creates with extremely fresh fish and clever toppings. Each piece is a glorious creation, a flavor orgasm in the mouth. Kova's favorite is the salmon with warm tomato on top, mine is the red snapper with salad pine nuts on top. The seared black cod with miso was also fantastic. We always get the omakase, it's the best. We like the west side location the best, it is a little roomier and nicer. Gari is definitely one of the best sushi restaurants in the city (second to Masa), we love his fusion creations.

Julia and Julia is a really neat movie. Two bold, similar characters who do not know eachother. Meryl Streep is our favorite actress (by a mile) and kills the role, as always. It's a movie about food and all the life that food involves and inspires. After watching the film we are going to have to get a copy of Julia Child's book and test out a few of them. We recommend eating before the movie because otherwise you will be starving when it finishes, but the movie is awesome!



  1. yayyy!!! i am the first one to comment! go jee!
    i saw iron man 2 yesterday with the rents and i agree with nick about the lack of cohesion. it was also just wayyy too long. made me sad not to have popcorn. i appreciate RDJR as tony but not-so-much as iron man. also, didnt gwen lose a ton of weight for that role? kova, we must follow her very important instructions on
    one more thing -- bachelorette starts monday 5/24. please remember to blog about this very important show. OH and gossip girl season finale tonight!
    love from korea,

  2. Don't worry Jee - I am all over The Bachelorette! <3 Ali! Are there any other good summer TV shows coming out? i am getting very sad that all the season finales are airing. Oh! SATC 2 is coming out the 27th!! There will def. be a blog about that!

  3. you guys are so gay. =D

    LOVE. Joyce.

  4. thanks joyce, I appreciate that.

  5. "Kova says Robert Downey Jr. is very sexy..."


    love this blog already. you're both dorks :), love it